Quality comes from the roots...

Stelios Georgedakis, the owner of PACHNES Bed & Breakfast, was born in Agios Ioannis, a small mountain village at an 800m altitude, on the south side of Lefka Ori (the White Mountains of Crete).

Growing up he was the youngest kid of the Georgedakis shepherd family. In the village of Agios ioannis, hospitality has always been a real tradition. Since everyone in the village can remember, any passerby, would find an open door to exchange some words, have some water, or shelter for the night. As a young boy, Stelios remembers the great pleasure every time someone – a tourist, a hiker, or a hunter had visited them. It was always a great chance for having a different day, meet new people and hear news from the “world outside”. He was already 12 years old, when the road, the first car, and electricity arrived in the village.

In the early 90ies the family started to set up a small guest-house in Agios Ioannis. That was the beginning with tourism. A bit later they also opened a little taverna in Agia Roumeli, named “Pachnes”.

Today, 25 years later, things have changed around us. But the way we do things is the same…

The idea is simple: Stay yourself, and just be warm and welcome with people… as usual.
People always need a shelter.